Dracula!Luke Evans can get my sex


luke evans as bard makes me rather moist. 
luke evans as vlad makes me very moist. 

basically, luke evans makes me moist. and it’s a real problem. 


Dracula Untold is a fabulous movie, and you guys should really see it. Seriously, Luke Evans is a bamf, a hella hot bamf and Sarah Gadon is beautiful. It was very entertaining and badass. You may not think so but it is now one of my favourites. It is very action packed, interesting, and just freaking awesome.

So yeah. Dracula Untold


Angst and a proper monstrous, powerful as fuck vampire all rolled into a lovely Luke Evans package. You won’t find me complaining. 

Was Dracula Untold a GREAT movie? Fuck YES. Am I seeing it again this coming Friday? Damn right I am